Complete site refresh and new features!

You thought I’d forgotten about TwitterLeague didn’t you?? Well I have been working every evening for the past few weeks working on a complete site refresh and adding a bunch of new features!

Site refresh
The idea behind the refresh was to bring forward some of the XHTML I had been using and overall reduce the amount of XHTML being used, whilst keeping the same content.

The content therefore has stayed the same, apart from when I have written about new features and updated the about/help pages.

You might have noticed that the leagues look a bit different. This is partly to match the refresh and partly to modernise the the leagues work. Personally I love the way the leagues look now, but I would say that wouldn’t I! The old league embed code still looks looks the same, the new embed code has the new look.

New features
Where do I start? There are new features all over the place. But I can split them down into two major sections.


  • New look leagues
  • Order by more data than just followers:
    • following
    • updates
    • ratio
    • signup date
    • alphabetical
  • New look “view league” page (example)
  • Customisable embed code
  • Customisable “view league” page


  • Made into an API instead of “league XML feed”
  • More data in the leagues API
  • Ordering method so you can create an interactive league
  • Full API documentation

True OAuth integration
I now have a better understanding of OAuth and because of that I have made the integration with the site a lot better and is now much, much more reliable. You can “Sign in with Twitter” and it will take you to the site, let you login and then say you give TwitterLeague access to your account, you will then be taken back to TwitterLeague and into you “My Account” section. This happens evening if you have never had an account with TwitterLeague before.

Sponsorship opportunities
Because of the new format it opens the way for sponsorship of pages and slots like the home page “featured league” section and the “collection” page. At the moment these are sites that I know, have interest in or am involved with. Call it lame self-promotion! If you want to sponsor a section please contact me using the contact page.

Overall I think the site has come along in leaps and bounds. But without you, the people who use TwitterLeague, the site would be nothing.

If you have any feedback please put it into the Feedback Forum.



4 Responses to “Complete site refresh and new features!”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Looks good. My main issue is, what is the easiest way to export the data into a spreadsheet? I used to download the xml file but it no longer exists?

  2. James Says:

    Really nice redesign Ollie! Like it a lot. Thanks for putting us on the front page! You know you’re always welcome on the show! :-)


  3. JamesD Says:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  4. Beth Granter Says:

    Hi, how do I search other people’s leagues? Sorry if this is obvious, only just discovered

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